Friday, August 31, 2012

Super Slacker.

I haven't posted in a miiiiiiiiiiinute, but my life has been so busy, that I've hardly even been near a computer! I started school this week, and with school in the AM/early PM and work until 10 PM with menial tasks to do when I get home, I just am too unmotivated to blog! haha. I dunno if anyone even reads this, but it's good for me, and that's all that matters.

Survey time! Stolen from Paige at My Trainer Paige

1. Favorite cereal as a child?

DOG FOOD! Okay, it was Cracklin' Oat Bran, but my mom always called it "dog food," so it stuck. Imagine the looks we kids received when we told people we had dog food for breakfast.

2. Coffee or Tea? With milk or without?

I don't really drink either, but I drink tea more than coffee.

3. The one food you eat most often at breakfast?
Protein powder! It used to be Shakeology everyday, but I become broke as a joke, so I had to switch to Vega, which is a  little more, it's easier for me to digest pre-run!

Lunch Questions!
1. Sandwiches are generally considered a “lunch food.” If you had to choose between a grilled cheese and a peanut butter and jelly, which would you pick?
Easyyyyyy. PB&J.

2. You can only put four ingredients in your salad (not including greens); what do you throw in the mix? Additionally, which greens and dressing do you pick?
Some sort of tofu, carrots, tomatoes, aaaaand...eggplant? Random, I know. haha. I usually use kale and olive oil is probably my favorite dressing.

3. One food you can’t live without at lunch?

Dinner Questions!
1. It’s the end of the day. You’re tired, hungry, and your fridge is empty. If a fast food (from a chain) is your only option, where do you go and what do you order?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..maybe Subway? I know the bread isn't the healthiest, but they have a lot of veggies. Either that or Chipotle.

2. TV/computer on or off while you’re eating?
Do not utilize the TV much anymore. I use the computer way too much when I have time.

3. The one food you eat most often at dinner?
Saladssssss. Lately, it's been protein bars, because I haven't had time to sit down and eat a meal :(.

Dessert Questions!
Choose between these two American desserts: cheesecake or apple pie?

Choose between these two foreign desserts: tiramisu (Italy) or flan (Spain)?
Tiramisu--don't think I've ever had flan.

Ice cream: cone or cup?
Ummmmm, I haven't had an ice cream cone in so long. Usually, cup.

I will update you on  my life at some point. Just know that I'm busy, but happy :). I hope you all are too!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fly on, Little Wing.

Well, it has been quite some time since I've posted, and it is with a very heavy heart that I explain why.

I never talked about it on this blog, because I try not to put private matters on here, but my beautiful mother was taken from us on August 10, 2012 at 9:05 PM. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on November 4, and it was so progressive, that her body could not fight it. We were all there, including my sister (and my best friend) who flew up from Savannah. She had been in the hospital for the last several weeks, and the final week was a terrible regression in her health. It was so difficult to watch. I hate to say I'm glad that she passed on, but she was in unbearable pain, and now she's in a better place. I was so lucky to have such a wonderful human being as a mother for almost 26 years. I couldn't have had anyone better. Ever.

How many 9-year-olds can say that they raised three children for their mother who had to work full-time to support them all when her husband was killed in a car crash? My mother was amazing. Three younger brothers she raised as a third-grader. She never really had a childhood. So selfless. She then grew up to be a cardiac nurse, so she was constantly taking care of others more than herself. Same with my grandmother--she was a nurse all of her life, and still takes care of people--at the ripe age of 89! I want to make them both proud of me, because they're both my role models.

The positive I can take out of it is that it definitely pushed me to get my butt in gear. I scheduled an appointment with my advisor at Pitt, and am now re-enrolled to get a degree in Nutrition! I could not be more excited about it. I'm also saving my money and getting my act together to move out with my sister and get an apartment, as well as putting bills in my name and what-have-you. It's going to definitely be a struggle, but it's going to make me a stronger person, I know it. My mother instilled a lot of courage and determination in me, and I need to put it to good use.

She also made me realize how short life can be. Don't spend your life focused on the negative and be as good of a person as you can. I'm going to try to volunteer as much as possible and just try to be a generally kindhearted person. So many people over the past week have told me what a giving and genuine person my mother was--I knew it, and I want that family tradition to continue. My grandmother is also an amazing woman. I have been blessed with so many extraordinary people in my life to lead me in the right direction.

Friends have also been a blessing. Dunno where I'd be without them. They've been there for me through this entire struggle, and pick me up when I'm feeling down. I owe them more than I can give, but I will give them all that I can < 333. My sister is my very best friend and we've been each other's crutch.

Although I had my mother for only a short time, I consider myself luckier than so many others who never even met their mothers or have mothers that neglect or disregard them. She raised me on good morals and values, and I'm going to put those into practice everyday. I will never be as good of a woman as she was, but I'm going to damn well try. Love you, Mama Jo.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yesterday would have been Elliott Smith's 43rd birthday :(.

Still one of my favorite musicians to this day. Love you < 333.

Some interesting links, before I start this post: Gonna keep some of these exercises in mind ;).

Meant to update yesterday, but I was hardly even home!

Work on Sunday actually went pretty quickly. Eats included a Chobani around noon, a tofurkey sandwich around 3, and an orange around 4:30.

It was storming BADLY around 5 or so, and I was a little upset, because I wanted to go running after work. Magically, it stopped around 6:30, so I could go running!

I'm glad that happened, because the run went pretty well! I ran to the gym (about 3.3 miles), did a couple circuits of strength training, then ran home (about 5.9 miles). I felt pretty strong the whole time! The night was gorgeous too--so red :).

When I got home, I devoured a chocolate milk and a lot of water! A little while later, I made a kale salad with tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, mushrooms, a steamable wild rice/brown rice/veggie combo with a black bean burger. It was definitely satisfying. I didn't get a picture, because I'm lazy and forgetful.

Yesterday, I woke up around 8:30, because I went to bed rather late on Sunday. I had my usual pre-run breakfast, only instead of a Clif Bar, I had a Picky Bar:

I ran 7.3 miles, and they were pretty good miles :). The weather was GORGEOUS. When I got home from my run, I did about 15 minutes of core strength and refueled with coconut water and a GNC shake.

I walked a BUNCH yesterday (around 7ish miles?). 4 or so of those miles, I was carrying a heavy-ass bag of groceries. Thank God I have muscles. haha. I had a chiro appt at 3, then had to do some errands. Right before my chiro appointment, I had a tofurkey sandwich. 

A little while later, I stopped at Loafer's to grab a blackberry/blueberry muffin. Sooooooooooooo good sdlkfjdlkjfdf.

Thank God it was gorgeous yesterday, considering all the walking I did. On the flipside, I got some sunburn, to say the least. haha. It'll turn into a tan, it's fine! I got some essentials at the grocery store, before heading home: veggies, tofurkey, Ezekiel bread, Clif bars, and mouthwash (definitely essential).

When I got home, I was pretty hungry. I had a banana and one of those Sabra hummus/pretzel packs, It had been yeeeears since I had one of those. So good!

A little while later, I made another kale salad--pretty much the same as the night before, but  I put dressing on this one--Bolthouse Farms Ginger dressing. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, and very little fat/few calories!

I also drank a ton of water yesterday, but I definitely needed it!!!

This morning, I had some Kashi Whole Grain Puffs with almond milk and a serving of walnuts and chia seeds, along with my chocolate Shakeology. Another satisfying breakfast :).

I work from 9-5 today, then I'm running to the gym for some strength training!

Enjoy your Tuesday, the most uneventful day of the week. haha.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm on my level.

Maaaaan. Last night was super fun. Before we get to that, though...let's recap the day:

The run was ooookay. It was hot/humid, so my muscles were being ragey--aaaand the GI tract, because of the mindless eating I did the previous night. haha. I did 8.25 miles, though, and was sufficiently sweaty/tired afterward.

I also did 15ish minutes of core strengthening afterward. Proof:

Multitasking. haha

I refueled in the usual way (coconut water + GNC Shake + a looot of water!), showered, and stretched/foam-rolled.

For lunch (around 3:30), I ate a tofurkey sandwich with some mango. It hit the spot!

We left around 5:15 for the concert, stopped to grab some snacks at GetGo, then were on our way to the Wiz Khalifa/Mac Miller concert! On the drive there, I ate a pinapple Chobani and a KIND bar (pomegranate + blueberry + pistachio)--pretty good (around 6)! I didn't take a picture, because I was lazy. haha.

We got to the concert, and Mac Miller was going to go on soon. Mac was GREAT. He was so excited--this was his first huge show in his hometown. Can't even imagine how he felt. So happy for him :). 

Almost everyone in the audience had a lighter (for obvious reasons, if you know what Mac and Wiz advocate. haha).

Wiz was awesome too! I have a big crush on him, but he's engaged to the beautiful Amber Rose. Oh well. haha.

I danced my BOOTY off. I was a gross mess. So fun. I fueled in the right way too  (banana + Blueberry Clif Bar--carbs and protein, baby). It ended around 11, and we got out of there...well, kind of. We were stuck in the parking lot for almost an hour, aaaaand then there was a huge accident on 22, so we took a long-ass detour. We stopped at Sheetz, because we had to peeeee. haha. I bought a Lara Uberbar, because I was curious how they tasted! Soooo good. I also ate an apple in the car, while we were waiting in the parking lot.

I didn't get home until 2:30--we were driving for over 3 hours! If the accident was due to drunk drivers, I'm severely disappointed :(. No excuse for that. None.

I was suuuper tired, but had the energy in me to floss and brush my teeth and wash my face. Currently patting myself on the back right now.

I woke up today at 8 AM, am currently eating breakfast (Blueberry Kashi waffles with Buffalo Dirt ChiaKind nut butter and Shakeology with chia seeds), and I'm getting ready for work.
My stomach felt TERRIBLE when I woke up, but this settled it.

Today, I work 11-7, then if the weather cooperates/my body is up to it, I'm going to run to the gym, do some lifting, then run home. 

So, if myfitnesspal is correct, I definitely wasn't eating enough during the day, and that's why I was always hungry near the end of the night. I ate a sufficient amount yesterday, and I was fine when I got home. Lesson learned. haha.

Well, time to get ready for work! Enjoy your Sunday, everyone :).

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Taking Back Sunday!

Have been listening to them a lot lately. Brings me back to being 15, 16 again. Love it.

As a prologue, read this: Highly interesting, especially for someone who wants to study nutrition (AKA me. haha). A lot of that information is super-scary! I hate to be one of those people who "preach," (those crazy PETA people scare me), and while I am a vegetarian and I try to be an avid practicer of holistic eating, I'm not one of those people that believe "YOU SHOULD LIVE HOW I LIVE, BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST/ONLY WAY TO LIVE." Do what you wanna do, ya know? Yup.

So, I haven't blogged in two days! Crazy, right? Let's see here...

So, on Thursday, I ran before work, and it actually went pretty well! I wore compression pants to bed, and I think that helped with muscle fatigue. I ran 7.3 miles, and I finished pretty strong! I did about 15 minutes of core strengthening afterward, and that went well also. I need to find different exercises, because I think my body is getting used to these exercises. I refueled with coconut water + GNC shake. Before I left for work, I ate a tofurkey sandwich.

Work was actually pretty okay. I worked from 3-10. No break, obviously, so I bought a Clif Builder's bar for "dinner." How exciting, right? haha. It actually wasn't too bad! I bought the Chocolate Mint flavor:

I think somewhere in there, I also had a Jackie Warner bar, and I also had a Chobani.

When I got home from work, I was still hungry, so I ate a spoonful of Chia Kind Peanut Butter, and I think I had a Picky Bar? Don't remember exactly. I felt better, though. haha.

Yesterday, I woke up around 7 (Shakeology + chia seeds and a Clif Bar for breakfast), and headed to the gym around 9. I did 4 miles on the resistance cardio machines (while watching USA Women's Soccer kick some serious Kiwi booty!) and then did 15ish minutes of total-body strength training. My arms were a little pooped, but my legs are beasts! 

I refueled as usual (coconut water and GNC Shake), walked to my chiropractor appointment, then headed to work. I stopped at Rite Aid on the way there to get my multivitamins (They were BOGO! I'm stocked with multis for 6 months. Super pumped. haha.).

I also stopped at GNC to pick up my Lean Shakes (was running low), then Giant Eagle, because I needed a couple coconut waters and protein bars. I tried a Perfectly Simple Peanut Butter protein bar, because I had a coupon for it. I mean, it tasted pretty much how I thought it would--not bad, but not impressive. haha. I also bought a Clif Builder's bar in Peanut Butter, in case I got overwhelmingly hungry at work later. I ate a tofurkey sandwich before I started work.

I worked from 2-10. I took a break around 4 and treated a coworker to lunch, because he had bought a previous lunch. We went to La Cappella, and I got the four cheese panini with zucchini fries, and we share an appetizer of mozzarella sticks. Ugh, remind me never to do that again. All that made my stomach BLEGH for the rest of the night. haha. Super yummy, though.

Throughout the course of the night, I ate a Jackie Warner bar, a Clif Builder's bar, and a passion fruit Chobani. Clearly, I was hungry.

When I got home, I ate far too much (throw in a Picky Bar, some granola, a couple pretzels and a couple spoons of ChiaKind. haha), and my sleep suffered from it. I felt SICK. I need to either eat more during the day or just eat more fiber. Grossss.

Welll, I just finished my Shakeology + chia and Clif Bar, and I plan on running 7-8ish miles on the different route I ran last Saturday night. It's a nice route :). Then, some core strength!

I think I'm going to start logging my meals again, only because I want to make sure I'm getting enough of all of the essentials, and not too much of the essentials also (I KNOW I ate way too much fat yesterday, and that's why I slept like poop). Fitday is a pretty decent site, if you wanted a rec!

Alright, time to get ready for my run! I'm going to see Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller tonight! Hopefully seeing a lot of friends tonight too :). Tomorrow, I work (surprise!), and I'm planning on running to the gym afterward for some strength training, then running home. We'll see how that goes. READ THAT. I'm super happy for him :). Kids need role models like him nowadays! Of course, I'm rooting for the USA, but how can you not cheer for this guy? :)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I can't believe I went through yesterday...

without saying "Happy Birthday" to Jerry Garcia! The Dead are monumental, and I love Captain Trips < 333. haha.

So, I left you off before my run. The run actually went pretty well! It wasn't super humid, so my muscles were pretty content :). Didn't feel the need to stop, and I felt strong uphill, so that's always good. Finished strong, and I even had it in me to lift the heavier weight on the machines at the gym. 8.7 miles and then three circuits of strength training--I can lift the entire weight stack on the leg machines! Loving it. haha. Refueled as usual (coconut water, GNC Shake, LOTS of water).

I showered, then walked down to the store. I stopped at Loafer's Bread on the way, because I wanted to see what muffins they had. Strawberry Pecan. Oh.My.God. SO GOOD. I bought two--one for me, one for my mum. She didn't want hers. Shame, huh? haha. I like Loafer's because they're a whole GRAIN bakery. All of their products are made with whole grains. Great for a post-run snack.

When I got home a few hours later, I ate a honey Chobani with some Chia Kind Buffalo Dirt Nut Butter in it (it's peanut butter with chia seeds in it! The Buffalo Dirt has mocha in it as well). I also had a Picky Bar, because I was hungryyyyyy.

I fed my puppy and took him for a walk around the neighborhood. He definitely gets a workout, because it's up a huge hill. haha.

Ozzie, my little man < 333.

A little while after we got home, I decided to actually cook a little for dinner (crazy, I know!). I made a kale salad with tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, and this soy "chicken" that was actually SUPER good!!!! I didn't take a picture of it, because I'm lame. This is the one, though. So. freaking.good. Not the healthiest, obviously (especially with the sauce), but it's okay once in a while!

The salad was super tasty :).

I ate that and watched the latest episode of "The Newsroom"--really good show, by the way! I also stretched and foam rolled at the same time. I clearly can't do one thing at a time.

I went outside for a little while and cut my toenails and fingernails (I HATE doing that inside...blegh.). I listened to classic rock, because that's the music of my life. haha.

Later on, I had a Jackie Warner bar and a scoop of regular Chia Kind peanut butter. I don't know if I'm just a pig or I burn a lot more calories than I think I do, because I'm almost always hungry. Lame problem. haha.

I woke up this morning, had my usual pre-run breakfast of Shakeology + chia seeds and a Clif Bar. Planning on 6-7 miles with some core strengthening! Then, I work from 3-10. So exciting.

Hope you all enjoy your day :).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Money, it's a crime.

Sooooooooo, work yesterday sucked. Need to find a new job. Only gonna get worse when the boss leaves :(.

The upside? I went out to lunch with a coworker around 2, and we got La Cappella, which I freaking love. I didn't take a picture, but I had the four-cheese panini with zucchini fries. Sooooo good. Oooof course I drank water. haha.

I also had a mango Chobani around 11:30 AM.

After work, I ran to the gym, did a couple more miles of resistance cardio, then did about 15 minutes of core strength. Was sufficiently sweaty/smelly by the end of it. haha. I refueled with a coconut water and GNC shake.

On the way home, I had to stop to run a few errands. I walked from the gym all the way home--about 5-6 miles? It was enjoyable, though. Took some lovely pictures!

Filters, courtesy of Instagram. haha

On my walk home, I ate my tofurkey sandwich and an orange. Tofurkey sandwich is always satisfying :).

When I got home, I was still kinda hungry (I exercised a lot, and I knew I was going to run a decent amount today), so I ate a frozen dark chocolate banana, a Soyjoy, and a Picky Bar. Don't judge me--I was hungry :(. I also sat around with my puppy and watched "True Blood." I'm just not as into it as I used to be, though. I'm still as into Joe Magnaniello, though--let's just clarify < 3.

What a goober < 333333.

I didn't finish "True Blood," because I was being ADD. I checked my e-mail, stretched/foam-rolled, and I went to bed. Exciting day, I know.

This morning so far, I've eaten my usual pre-run fuel (Clif Bar + Shakeology), and I've been weighing my options for protein powders.

I use Shakeology and I LOVE it, but it's so freaking pricey! I need to save money for schoolbooks, health insurance, apartment rent, and eventually a freaking car--and my pisspoor salary is not helping matters. haha. Sooooooo, I need to save in any way I can. I'm basically not buying any new clothes for 50 years, and I'm not going out nearly as much as I had previously...AKA I haven't gone out for weeks. haha. I've always been curious to try Vega protein, but I didn't want to stray from Shakeology. is what is of vital importance here (which sucks to say), and I know Vega is a good brand, so I think I'm switching. The twins at Twin Cakes Bakery swear by it, and they're freakishly gorgeous and fit (look at their blog! Purely Twins), so I'm going to give it a go.

Today, I'm running to the gym, doing some strength training, then running some errands. It's also trash day, soooo there's that.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Morning Workouts.

Where I left you all, I was about to go on a Sunday morning run! It was a rather enjoyable run--not worried about pace or anything. Too many freaking hills to worry about that. haha. I almost always see a horse on this route, and he/she was out Sunday morning--so cute :). To fuel for my early morning run, I drank my Shakeology (drink it EVERY morning!) and I had a Picky Bar (Clif Bars are too heavy if I run within an hour or less of eating one).

When I got home, I did some core strengthening. SERIOUSLY, do not underestimate the power of core strengthening. After that, I showered and got ready for work. I also refueled with a GNC Lean Shake and a coconut water!

Work was okay until about two hours until we closed. People have no courtesy! Or they can't read times. Either/or. I wanted to leave and celebrate my dad's birthday with him, but obviously people don't care. haha. Some drunk guy was carrying around an open bottle of Jim Beam with him. Highlight of the day right there.

Around 11:30, I ate an Apple Cinnamon Chobani.
Around 2:30, I ate a Clif Bar and an orange.
(Exciting, I know).

We got out of there around 6:30, and my dad and I went to my grandmother's for dinner. I brought a tofurkey sandwich with me, and enjoyed some of her eggplant parm, salad, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. So good!

I went for a long-ish walk afterward, because the weather was gorgeous, and I had been inside for most of the day.

For dessert, we had this eclair cake, which is out of this WORLD. I ate too much. I had a food baby :(.

Monday, I woke up, ate breakfast/preworkout fuel (Clif Bar + Shakeology), then headed to the gym. I did 4 miles of resistance cardio + 15ish minutes of total body strength training. I could lift heavier weights! It was awesome. Refueled with the usual coconut water and GNC Shake.

Walked to the chiropractor afterward, and he abused my back. Felt great. haha.

I worked from 1:30-10, and it was okay. Work is so mundane, I need a change of scenery :(. I had a tofurkey sandwich right before I started, along with a little frozen kefir.

For dinner, I had Amy's frozen spaghetti and vegetarian "meat"balls. Pretty good--like that they throw some veggies in there! I also had it with an orange.

Yesterday was one of those "I'm ravenous and I want to eat EVERYTHING" days. Hate those days. I listened to my body, though...for sure. haha.  By the way, those Jackie Warner "hunger curbing" bars don't stand a chance against women's hormones :(((((.

I had an apple around 7:30 and then an Apple Cinnamon Chobani around 8:30.

When I got home from work, I had some almond butter with strawberries and some whole grain pretzels. And a frozen dark chocolate banana. Whatever, don't judge me.

This morning, I had cereal with Shakeology. I work from 9-5, then I think I'm grocery shopping? The puppy needs food! I then think I'm going to run, because I do what I want. I hope it doesn't storm!

I'm OFF tomorrow. Feels like it's been forever since I've had a day off.

Remind me to fix my nails. They look like hell.

Welllll, time to get ready for work! Hope you're having a good week so far :).

(I will post more pictures. At some point. In my lifetime.)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Runs in the Sunset...Runset?

Three days in a row...I forgot how cathartic blogging can be! Even if my life is semi-boring. haha.

Soooooooo, I left off leaving for work yesterday, yes? Work was fine--it's never overly exciting, so let's just call a spade a spade :). My eats at work: 11 AM Chobani, 2 PM tofurkey sandwich with a couple spoonfuls of frozen kefir and a soyjoy (so random, I know).

 After work, I went to church with my dad. I had a couple pieces of leftover pizza beforehand. Not as good as fresh, but still good :). When I got home from church, I decided I wanted to go for a run, but I didn't want to do my usual neighborhood route, because my body was not up for all of those hills :(. I went another route, which turned out to be a good choice! I actually ran further than I had planned, but it was so gorgeous, that I couldn't help myself. I got to see the sun set over a meadow! Glad I went on that run :). Didn't get home til a little after 9, so I didn't eat an elaborate dinner...AKA, I had a Jackie Warner protein bar and nonfat chocolate milk. haha.

I also had another Soyjoy...they're so good, I couldn't help myself!

I didn't eat enough veggies or fruits yesterday. Shameful :(. I get enough nutrients, hugely in part to Shakeology, but keeps me full, which helps on long days.

I went to bed around midnight, woke up at 6, and this is where I am right now! I plan on going for a run this morning before work. Sundays at work kinda suuuuck, so I need to be calm. I usually run after work during the summer, but it is Papa O's birthday, so some celebrating needs done!! haha. After work, I believe we are heading to my grandmother's house for some party tiiiime.

Random note, but I really need a haircut. Should probably do that soon.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Two posts in two days...clearly on a roll.

Somebody stop me! haha.

Yesterday was a good day, but it wasn't highly eventful. I worked from 9-5, then I went grocery shopping for some yummy eats, theeeeeeeen I came home, unpacked, and went running! I did 7 miles that went pretty well :). 

I definitely didn't go for time (if you saw how hilly my normal neighborhood run is, you wouldn't either. haha), but the hills on this run helped immensely with the hills during the Pittsburgh Marathon....AKA the hills in the marathon were pretty easy! I JUST missed the storm too, so that's a good thing. I wish I had brought my phone with me, because I ran past a cow farm, which is in a deep ravine, and the cows were actually at the top, by the road! They are very rarely up there, and they were so cute--a couple babies were there too :). The cool thing is that the sky looked so ominous in the background, but the cows were totally oblivious.  It would have been an awesome shot :(. Oh well!

When I got home, I had WAY too much pizza (but, it was from my favorite place, so whatever!), but I did core strengthening beforehand. After recovering from this bout of SI injury, I'm REALLY trying to focus on strength training/core strengthening in order to make my form as perfect as can be, to avoid future mishaps. My form has definitely improved, and I definitely feel stronger! DO NOT avoid core work--I promise you it's just as important as everyone says it is!

I watched "Girl with the Pearl Earring" last night. Kiiiind of a waste of time. haha. Oh well, I foam-rolled and stretched, so it wasn't totally :). I went to bed by 11:30 on a Friday night--a real rebel, I  know!

If anyone is interested in my daily eats, I ate a pineapple Chobani at approximately 11 AM, a tofurkey sandwich with a green apple at approximately 2:30, and a couple handful of pretzels around 5. Usual coconut water and GNC Lean Shake post-run (approximately 8:30), then 30958430985 pizza of pieces around 9:30.

Sooooooo, I woke up at 7:15 today, ate the same breakfast as yesterday, and I'm about to head to work again! 9-5, then we'll see where the evening takes me. I'll either run oooooooor...not? haha.

Tomorrow is Walter (my father)'s 63rd birthday. Oh boy, he's getting old. haha. Gotta get him something today!

Enjoy the day!

Friday, July 27, 2012

I lied.

I said I was going to post more frequently. I really am going to try now! haha.

So, I've been able to run more frequently now, and it's awesome. I think I'm taking it too far, though, because I haven't had a exercise rest day in almost 2 months! However, it's a huge stress reliever for me, and there's definitely been a lot of stress in my life the past few months. I'm starting to get things together, though, so I need to give my body a break! haha. I definitely have lost weight since the marathon, though, and I have been getting more toned, so it's awesome :).

I haven't run anything longer than 9.5 miles since the marathon, and I don't plan to until my body is absolutely healed. If I don't take rest days, that's not happening, sooooo. Yeah.
However, I have had some breakthroughs in training:

1. I can chest press 200 pounds! My arms are definitely the strongest they have ever been, so that's awesome.

2. I can leg press 225 pounds with ease, and that's after running 7.5 miles in the blistering heat. Want to be able to press 300 pounds by the end of the summer.

3. I can hold a 3-minute plank! Haven't done it in a while, because I usually do it after I run, so my body is either tired oooor I'm pressed for time. 5-minute plank will happen at some point :).

4. Just overall more strength. All of the strength and core training I'm doing is helping immensely with running, especially form.

Some things I need to work on:

1. REST DAYS. To reiterate to my dumb brain. Or at least a significant reduction in intensity two days a week. Take a freaking walk, Kelly--you don't need to pound out miles everyday, while your body is still recovering.

2. Eat to fuel. I'm usually good about this, but sometimes I lose touch with it, and I pay for it during a run. haha. I need to eat fewer sugary foods too. I think it's hindering my way to a "flatter" tummy (AKA the closest I'll ever get to one. haha).

3. Stop eating two hours before bed. Doesn't work well when you're trying to sleep. Ick.

4. Recovery. I have been slacking with stretching and foam rolling. BAD. I need to either change the time I work out or start earlier, so I'm not rushing.

In non-related exercise things, this is what's happening:

1. MY SISTER IS MOVING BACK HOME!!!! AND WE'RE GETTING A PLACE TOGETHER!!!! She'll be here at the beginning of October, so we're looking for places now. I'm super excited for this, because I need to be more independent :).

2. I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!! I talked to Pitt yesterday, and I'm meeting with my old advisor to hopefully schedule classes. I really want to become a nutritionist, and it's not going to just happen, obviously--I need to make it happen. This is also good, because I won't have to pay ridiculous school loans for a while, aaaand I'll have health insurance. haha. I'm going to obviously be super busy, because I'll have to basically work full-time at the same time in order to afford rent, schoolbooks, and necessities, but it'll be worth it.

3. That being said, I'm also looking for another job. Not that it will be eons better than the one I currently have, but I need a change--hopefully with a little more money? haha. Plus, I'm sick of the bullshit at my current place of employment. Need a change of scenery, and hopefully that helps.

A lot of changes coming my way these next few months, but I need it. I'm sick of being in this hole, and the only way you get out of it is to dig yourself out of it...not will yourself to dig yourself out of it. Know what I mean, Billie Jean? As I said before, I will be a borderline hermit (all of the work + school, plus when marathon training starts? YIKES), but I need to do this for me. And for my future life (with Anthony Kiedis, of course).

Sooooooooo, back to drab daily activities. haha.

Set my alarm for 5:45 this morning to get up and run. Alarm went off, and I listened to my body, which said "Kelly, you ran 7.5 miles yesterday, walked around a shit ton, AND did a ton of strength training yesterday...and you're sore. Take a load off." So, I did. Woke up at 7:15 instead :).


Usual Shakeology, with Kashi 7 Grain Puffs with some chopped walnuts and blueberries in unsweetened almond milk. Very satisfying :).

Today, I work 9-5, then I'm going grocery shopping. I MAY work out afterward, but we'll see how my body feels. I think at the very least, I'll go for a little walk...maybe with my little man (puppy. Don't worry, not a baby. haha).

Crazy Friday night, I know!

This weekend will be filled with work :(. It's also my Dad's 63rd birthday. What an old fogey.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What I love, A-Z!

Stole this from GoTheXtraMile:

Here we go!

A: Almond Butter. SO. Good. Always.

B: Berries. I eat them all summer loooong!

C: Chemistry. I am a nerd. I like science. haha.

D: David Grohl. Does anything else need said? (Nope.)

E: Elephants. My favorite animals!

F: Foo Fighters! < 333.

G: Ginger...a very underestimated flavor < 3. and hair color. hahaha.

H: HOCKEY. Best sport ever.

I: Ireland. I want to go there someday. So gorgeous.

J: Jarrett, my older broski. One of my major inspirations to become a runner!

K: Kid Cudi. I have a crush on him. haha.

L: LARABARS! < 333.

M: Molly, my bestest friend in the entire world.

N: Nike. Just do it, guys.

O: Ozzie, my poopy puppy.

P: Planks. Love em, but I hate em.

Q: Queen is still such a good band, Man. Freddie's voice is still one of the best to ever exist.

R: RUNNING!!!!!!

S: Saucony. Favorite running shoe!

T: Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Favorite horror movie.

U: US History. LOVE it.

V: Victoria's Secret. Super-obsessed.


X: Xylophones...or any percussion, really. They're the most fun recitals to watch.

Y: Yams. Love 'em.

Z: ZEPPELIN. Could not live my life without some Robert, Jimmy, JPJ, and Bonzo!

Now, you guys do it! Time for me to clean my bathroom. Goooood times. haha

Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Foodie Penpal!

So, it's been eons since I have last posted--I'm really going to make a concentrated effort to post more frequently!

If you're unfamiliar with "Foodie Penpals," here is the gist: She's the coordinator--the lovely Lindsay. Such a task, and she handles it so well!

Kym W. sent me a package this month, and I absolutely loved it! Thanks so much, Kim :).

First item I couldn't WAIT to try: SOYJOY bar. I've heard people rant and rave about these, so I had to try. She got me the pineapple flavor--can never go wrong with pineapple! The texture was totally not what I had in mind, but it was definitely a hearty bar and I liked the savory soy texture with the sweet pinapple chunks. I won't lie, it's no Clif Bar or Picky Bar, but it was pretty good!

Next up to try was the thing I was most anticipating: PEANUT BUTTER. But not just any peanut butter--peanut butter with flax seeds! I've had Teddie PB with flax seeds, but this PB had molasses in it, and I was interested to see how different the flavors would interact. Was NOT disappointed. So yummy--would definitely recommend! The flax seeds do not really disrupt the texture, so that's an added bonus.

 I have been dipping some of these pretzels into the PB as well. Don't judge me. haha. I love pretzels, and when the pretzels are made with whole grains, like quinoa and whole oats, it definitely makes me feel better about it! My favorite are probably the pretzels made with quinoa, but these ones were really good too! Pretzels=crack for me. Sad times.

 I'm a big fan of trail mix, but I ALWAYS go overboard with it. These nice little packets made it much easier to tone it down, and it definitely sustained me! I liked all of the different flavors from the seeds and fruit, and there was not much chocolate in it at all to overtake the mix. Very good for a snack!

I'm not a huge chip person, but sometimes I get in the mood for chips with salsa, ya know? Chips are pretty much the worst food you can eat, but you can definitely find healthy alternatives! Like this one! It is a multigrain chip, with ingredients like quinoa, brown rice,, sunflower seeds, etc. Pretty yummy, and not too salty, like many chips tend to be. I ate some by themselves, and I even put some as a salad topping to give it some texture. Highly recommend! I wanna try the sweet potato chips!

I'm not a big dairy person--the most dairy I'll eat in a typical day is my GNC Lean Protein Shake after a workout, some reduced fat swiss on my tofurkey sandwich, and greek yogurt, of course! I try to avoid actual milk when possible, because of ethical reasons, and what you hear can be in milk. Blegh. haha. I'm a BIG almond milk fan, and when I found this lovely number in my package, I was SUPER excited to try it! I actually had seen this flavor in the grocery store recently (I only drink unsweetened original--try to avoid extra calories/sugar, when I can), and I hadn't picked it up--it must have been fate :).

It was definitely good, but it didn't taste too different from the original almond milk. I dunno if I'd buy it in the future, but I might give it another go!

Once again, thank you to Kym W for the lovely package! Stay tuned for July's Foodie Penpal package at the end of the next month! Buuut, of course, I'm going to try to update much more frequently in between :).

Hope you're all enjoying the weather! I know I have been--running with more regularity now :). So happy about it.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

So, I haven't updated in 3 weeks. Yikes.

After marathon training, I let the blog go. I really don't think that many people read this anyway, so I'm sure I didn't let down too many people. haha.

Not tooooooo much has been going on. I have only run a couple times since the marathon, because I'm trying to let my SI joint properly heal. It hasn't been terribly painful, but it's definitely a nagging pain that I don't want to escalate if I keep running on it. I REALLY miss running too :(. I'd rather run for the next 50 years than try consistently running now and ruin myself--gotta keep reminding myself that!

I've been going to the gym 4-5 times a week, though. I've noticed a SIGNIFICANT change in my body composition in the past couple weeks since the marathon. I'm definitely becoming more toned (especially in my arms), and obviously I'm in less pain. haha. I'm starting to see remnants of abs again, and my legs are shrinking. I'm also eating far fewer carbs, since I don't need to run 20-milers or anything like that. I'm really trying to watch what I eat now, too. I haven't really had any sweets or fried foods since the marathon, and I feel so much better. I'm trying to eat about 1600-1800 calories a day--at the lower end of the spectrum on non-workout days and at the higher end on workout days. I'm finding myself not as hungry too. Not entirely sure why, but I'm okay with it. haha. I'm also trying to stay super busy, which is helping a lot too!

I've been going out a lot, and I forgot how much fun it is. Yeah, that sounds fairly elementary, but one reason I think my eating was unhealthy, was that I used that as a reward, and it got out of control. Now, I use going out with friends as a treat or buying a pretty nail polish! haha. I also bought a bunch of (unnecessary) clothing from Free People the other day, but it's all so gorgeous, that I don't care :).

Another root for my eating problems was Wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was 8, but I've lost interest. I LOVE animals, but I just lost my drive to be a vet. I've really become interested in the world of nutrition, and I was talking with my mother, and becoming a hospital nutritionist seems like it would be an ideal job for me! I love science, so I would still be working with science, and I would still be helping people! I'm going to call the University of Pittsburgh this coming week and find out what I need to do in order to receive a nutritionist degree. I, luckily, already have a majority of the prerequisites from studying Biology, so hopefully it wouldn't take TOOOO long to graduate? haha. I'm really excited to get started!!!!

So, my chiropractor said that I could start running probably within the next few days. I miss being out in the sun and running up hills and feeling how strong my legs are. I used to hate how big my legs are, but when I realize how I can beast hills and how much I can lift with them...I embrace those suckers. And the ridiculous capri tan I have right now.

I've tried to stay out in the sun to keep my tan going strong. haha. I weeded the ENTIRE front yard of the house. Kinda abused my back/hamstrings (all the weeding was done doing downhill squats, basically), and got a kinda bad case of poison ivy, but the yard looks nice, so it was worth it :). Plus, I got more tan, so that's a bonus. haha.

Other than that, everything has pretty much been the same. My sister is coming to visit in July sometime, and I'm super excited!

I'm actually off of work on Memorial Day, and I'm going to a friend's cookout, so that's something to look forward to tomorrow. Also, I'm going out with friends to watch Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday, aaaaand I might be going out with a boy on Saturday? That remains to be seen. haha.

Wellll, it's time to get ready for church. Hope you're all enjoying the HOT weather. I know I am! Can't wait to go running in it :).

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Soooooooo, where do I start?!

Saturday, I woke up at 4 AM to volunteer for the Pittsburgh Marathon 5K/Children's Marathon. It's a really cool concept, the Children's Marathon--the kids spend the school year running, and once they reach 25 miles total, they run the last mile around the Point, where the three rivers (Allegheny, Ohio, and Monongahela) meet. The kids were soooo cute, and so excited! I had a great time. Plus, I got a sweet outrageously orange t-shirt. haha.

I volunteered from 6 AM to a little after 10 AM. The weather was warmish, but overcast the whole time. I was hoping the marathon the next day had some more sunshine! Afterward, I walked around the city for a little bit, and then went home. First, I stopped at Giant Eagle to get some apples and protein bars--y'know, the essentials--,then I headed to GNC to pick up my Lean Shakes, that were on sale. Theeeeeeeen, I went to Rite-Aid, because I needed to pick up my mutivitamins--I was done to one or two! I went home and pretty much carbo-loaded. I tried my Honey Stinger dark chocolate protein bars...oh my wooooooooord, so good. They tasted like a candy bar! Also, out of curiosity, I tried a Honey Stinger Waffle, and I was not disappointed. Honey Stinger may become my new best friend. I may use those for my long runs, because they don't upset my stomach, and they taste super yummy. I just need amino acids somehow, though.

I had two pieces of leftover veggie pizza for lunch, some Cinnamon Raisin walnut bread, and later on, I had a tofurkey sandwich for dinner. No peanut butter on cinnamon raisin bread, because I didn't want to have too much fat before a marathon--could mess with my tummy. I went to bed at 8:30, because I didn't sleep much the night before, and I wanted to make sure I was as well-rested as possible!

I woke up at 4 with NO problems. So anxious/excited! I ate my usual pre-run breakfast of a Clif Bar with Shakeology. I foam rolled a bit, used the tennis ball on my bum, did some dynamic stretching, etc. I made sure all of my stuff was packed up, and then I went down to the city with my brother and his girlfriend. We parked at the Consol Energy Center and walked to the corrals. I was supposed to be in Corral C (expected finish time of 4:00), but I knew that wouldn't happen, due to my injury :(. I went to Corral D/E, and I had to literally climb over the barricade, because it was so crowded. I talked to some girls running the half before the whistle, and they were super nice!

The whistle went off a little late (7:36), and we were off! Because I was so far back, I walked to the start line for a good 5 or 10 minutes. Once we got to the start line, we were able to run. I felt pretty good, except for a little pain in my butt. I was worried, but not so much at that point.

For the first 5 miles or so, the pain was constant, but nothing too bad. My friend, Megan, was riding her bike with her boyfriend, and I saw them a couple times Mile 1 through 6--it really helped me! Great cheerleaders :).

Saw a few awesome signs on this leg as well. The best:

"If Rick Santorum can run for 26 months, you can run for 26.2 miles!"

"Your training lasted longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage."

"Runners have balls. Athletes just play with them!"

I hadn't had any water or food at this point, and I saw a lady with Twizzlers, and she gave me two around mile 6. I ate them...and they were yummy. It was too hot to stomach GU, and I knew my stomach would revolt.

Once I got to mile 11, the pain was preeeeeeeetty bad. I stopped for the first time at this point (well, power-walked. I never actually stopped moving). I was fine with the hills, my breathing was fine, the heat wasn't bad, my legs weren't was just my stupid butt! The pain radiated through my entire lower right side. So unfair :(. haha. At this point, I started to drink 1 or 2 cups of Gatorade and 1 or 2 cups of water at every aid station. I ran mostly, but I had to take a bunch of walking breaks, because the pain was so bad when I ran, it made me scrunch up my face and put a lot of tension in my upper body and lower half. Blegh. A lot of spectators were so encouraging, though!

Around mile 14, I met up with a girl who was also injured--she got a stress fracture in her ankle the week OF the race. I felt so bad for her. We gave each other pep talks for those couple miles we ran together. The people with sprinklers helped too :). And the bands. Aaaand the orange slices. And the 458940358 high-fives I got.

At mile 20, I saw my mama, and she said that I looked like a grandma...buuut, I  was smiling, so she wasn't too worried. I tried to smile the whole time, even though I was in a large amount of pain.

The last 3 miles or so were all downhill, which helped a lot, because my calves were screaming. My calves almost never hurt during a long run, but I was compensating for my SI joint. Around mile 23 or so, I got a HUGE cramp in my lower calf. I thought it was my Achilles heel, so I started freaking out! The other runners were helping me out, so I pushed through. They were giving out beer at the Church Brew Works around then, but I politely declined. haha.

At mile 25, the pain was so bad, it was almost numbing. I focused on reaching the finish line. Wouldn't stop. My butt felt terrible, my calves felt terrible, my quads were screaming for compensating, but I refused to give up. Once I got to the final stretch, I couldn't stop smiling. The people were really cheering me on, and who else did I see at the finish line, but Bart Yasso! He announced my finished, and I felt AWESOME. I mean, physically, maybe not, but mentally and emotionally...I was on Cloud 9. Waaaay off from my finish time of 4:00, I finished in 5:58. haha.

I collected my medal, ate a bagel and a banana, and went to the postrace party. I grabbed a bag of salted nuts, a bag of pretzels, and a bottled water.

I know I shouldn't have been, but I was super pissed that it took me so long. Reflecting on it  now, and realizing what others said to me post-race, I should be glad I even finished! I heard of so many people having to drop out, and my friend told me that her mom had to quit running after experiencing an injury like mine. I feel pretty damn lucky. Even my brother told me I should be proud of myself! If you know my brother, you'd know how big of a deal that is. haha

I went grocery shopping afterward (obviously, that's what you do after a marathon), and then went to Burgatory for my post-race meal. I got a veggie burger with onion marmalade, grilled pinapples, roasted tomatoes, and gouda cheese on a whole wheat bun with a side salad. Sooooooooooooooooooooo good. I drank that with a coconut water! I caught up on "Game of Thrones" while eating.

I didn't do much, once I got home, and after running for almost 6 hours, would you? haha. I foam-rolled, showered, a little while later, I ate dinner (tofurkey sandwich with some fresh broccoli and zucchini in marinara sauce), and then a little while later, I had Oikos Honey Frozen Greek Yogurt with some pretzels and blueberries. Random, but sooooooooo good. haha.

I went to bed around midnight--I think I was so pumped with endorphins, I couldn't settle down until then!

Oh yeah. I got some sunburn, but I also improved on  my sweet UA capri tan:

So hot. hahaha.

I woke up Monday morning feeling preeeeeeeeeeetty sore. It took me like 2 minutes to get down the stairs. Yikes. I had my usual cereal breakfast, then decided to spend the day cleaning my room.

I had race swag aaaaall over the place, so I organized that, and I also vacuumed the floor and all that good stuff. I was sweating by the end!

Meals of the day included two pieces of Loafers cinnamon raisin walnut bread, a tofurkey sandwich, passion fruit Chobani, some fruit, and a huge salad for dinner with a black bean burger and tons of fresh broccoli.

I had a chiro appointment at 5:30, and the results were pretty good! He said that I was tight (ummmmm, hello? We knew that would happen), but overall, no bad damage! He also suggested I start taking an MSM supplement. I bought one of his, because he said they're an extremely trusted brand, and I trust him, sooooooo yeah.

After the chiro, I did a little more grocery shopping (I'm doing Foodie Penpals, so I bought a bunch of stuff for my penpal--yummy things!), then headed home, where I ate my dinner and greek frozen yogurt!

I slept like a LOG that night.

I woke up on Tuesday morning, feeling pretty great! I decided to go to the gym. I had my usual Clif Bar and Shakeology breakfast before workouts.

I did 90 minutes of cardio and 15-20 minutes of strength training. Probably not the best idea, considering how sore I was last night/this morning. Whoops. I'm taking a rest day today, though, so hopefully I'll be better later on! I need to learn to better listen to my body--that's what got me into this mess in the first place! Overtraining's a bitch :(.

I worked yesterday from 1-10, and it went super fast! I think because I'm STILL on a runner's high. haha.

Also, I tried Amy's Pesto Tortellini for dinner last night. Oh my God, so good. Not something I'd eat regularly (A LOT of fat and not the best ingredients), but it was a nice treat.

I came home from work to find the Flyers had lost the series (woo!) and my mother made an egg white frittata. I saved a piece of it for my dinner tonight! So excited. It has so many veggies in it :).

This morning, I had my usual rest-day breakfast, and I'm now just lounging around until work at 1. At some point, I'm taking out the garbage and doing some laundry--I hate sitting still for so long!

I started getting into the HBO series "Oz" (yeah, I know...way to be late to the party), but I've been watching that, while icing my bum.

I work until Friday, then I have off on Saturday! If I feel okay, I might try a short easy run on Saturday, to see how my legs/butt are feeling. I'm hoping the supplement helps--it's going to take a while to get into my system, but I am optimistic! I'm also going to the Pirates game on Saturday, where I'm meeting up with a BUNCH of people. It's going to be crazy! Afterward, we're probably going to the Hofbrahaus, to celebrate a friend's birthday. I've never been, so I'm pretty excited about that too.

Alright, time to get outta here. If you read this entire post, kudos to you. I am soooooooo happy about Sunday still. I think I am addicted. Definitely doing it next year for the same cause! Team Mario Lemieux Foundation 2013 :).

PS. Mother's Day and my brother's birthday are only a few days apart. Need to get some baller gifts. Any suggestions?!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I am a freaking marathoner! I will write that post in a little, but I just wanted to share some quotes from Amby Burfoot's novel "The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life." I started it a while ago, but I finished it (appropriately) the night before the Pittsburgh Marathon.

Heeeeere we go...

"Running is the most vigorous exercise known to science. It forces your heart to pump vast quantities of blood throughout your body--including your brain. So the brain's getting all this oxygen at a time when it doesn't have any work to do. You're just running. You're not putting together business plans, solving quadratic equations, or trying to keep your drive from slicing off the fairway. No wonder the brains spins out the most fantastical thoughts while you're running."

"What will we do, I wonder, to keep in touch with ourselves? For me, the answer is that I run. Because it keeps me fully tuned, both physically and mentally."

"In the race to be your best, there is no losing."

"'The most important thing I learned is that there is only one runner in this race, and that is me.'-George Sheehan"

"'If you can fill the unforgiving minute/With sixty seconds' worth of distance run/Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it/And--which is more--you'll be a Man, my song!'-Rudyard Kipling's 'Time'"

"'It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that.-Red Queen, 'Through the Looking Glass'"

Such a wonderful book. I highly recommend it!

Friday, May 4, 2012

What a day! Today alone would comprise an entire post, but I'm going to try to condense it into one post.

I went to the gym before work on Wednesday, so I ate my usual Shakeology and Clif Bar. Gym workout was fine--nothing special, but it wasn't bad. I went to the chiro at 4, and everything is progressing smoothly! No meal was out of the ordinary--I had an egg white Cedarlane omelet. Soooooo goooood for a frozen omelet.

I came home from work at 10ish and watched OT hockey until 12:30 AM. Best decision ever. Mom made brownies...worst decision ever. haha

Yesterday, I worked early, so I took a rest day. I had the usual rest day breakfast of mixed cereal with fruit and Shakeology. Nothing out of the ordinary yesterday. I had Oikos vanilla frozen yogurt. Oh. My. God. Soooooo good. I had it with some of my mom's brownies. Even betterrrrr. For dinner, I had a big ass salad with mozzarella, broccoli, a black bean burger, some leftover rice my mom made the night before, and some homemade Greek dressing. Sooooo good.
I started watching this show from HBO called "Enlightened." Laura Dern is FANTASTIC in it.  That's been taking up some of my time. Today, I went to the gym for my final workout before the marathon! I did an easyish 70-minute cardio session, then followed up with three circuits of strength training. Wasn't too tired afterward, but I'm not supposed to be! Went to the chiropractor, and he said that I should be good to go on Sunday! I was pretty sure he'd say it, but it was still exciting to hear :). He even did an excited dance for me. A bit awkward, but precious. After the chiropractor, I mailed some stuff to my sister (Kodiak Cakes!), bought a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Walnut bread at Loafers, and was off to the Expo!
So much going on there. I went to  pick up my bib, shirt, and bag first. I'll spare you the boring details of the bag content, but the highlights of the bag were definitely some Dole yogurt-covered apple chunks and a NuGo bar. haha. The shirts this year are white (I'm sloppy, so this doesn't bode well for me). It's still pretty, though! I also bought two new shirts from the Dick's booth--both Asics shirts. One was an aqua women's shirt that says "RUN 26.2" and the other was a men's that said "Run this City." I really wanted the men's one, but they didn't have it in a women's size--it'll be a little big, oh well!
 The aqua one I bought!
I also bought a "RUN PGH" cotton tee from Factory Fresh--love the soft feel of their shirts!

Elite Runners and Walkers also had a booth, and they had a big sale on everything. I bought enough gels/chews/bars to last me a lifetime. I also bought a pair of Saucony Progrid Omni 10s, because I've never seen them that cheap!

I MET MEB KEFLEZIGHI! He is precious and sweet and cute. Super nice. He signed my expo brochure and I got a precious picture with him. I look like I could eat him, he is so tiny < 3.  He wrote "To Kelly. Best wishes & run to win. Meb." I can assure you, Sir, I will not run to win, but I will run ;).

I ALSO MET BART YASSO! I had been done looking at all the booths (see: eating all of the protein bar samples in sight. Sorry, NuGo), but I waited around for Bart. I brought my copy of "My Life on the Run" for him to auto, because I'm a nerd like that. Nicest guy! He gave me some great advice. When I'm at mile 10, I should feel like I could run to NYC. Good to  know, Sir. He also told me not to jump the gun. That is advice I have taken to heart from the get-go, and it has ALWAYS benefited me! We talked about Pittsburgh traffic and the weather and to just finish--I will definitely PR :).

He auto'd my book with "Kelly, never limit where running can take you. Bart. Pittsburgh Marathon 2012!" I wonder if he can get me a job. hahaha. Seriously love that man. Jeff Galloway was there too! I didn't get a chance to see him, though :(. 

I met up with a friend that is doing the half, we chatted for a bit, then I was on my way. GORGEOUS day today in Pittsburgh--this whole weekend will be! So excited :).

For dinner, I had some veggie pizza. Not too bad!

Tomorrow, I'm volunteering at the Kid's 5K event. Have to get up at 4. Baaaah. Same time on Sunday too, but I'll be too excited to sleep, probably. haha.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Come what...May....

I can't believe it's May already!

I worked all weekend, so it was nothing special. I went to the gym on Saturday, and it went pretty well. Did 90 minutes of cardio at a pretty high intensity, then three circuits of upper-body strength training. I worked from 1 to 10, and it wasn't anything too exciting. My eating schedule was pretty normal for a closing workday--Clif Bar + Shakeology for breakfast/pre-workout meal, GNC Lean Shake + coconut water for post workout snack, I think I ate a bunch of berries before going to work, tofurkey sandwich for lunch, a salad and an orange for dinner, Chobani + apple for a snack, then I came home and had my usual nut butter on Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast.

Sunday, I took a rest day. I had Kashi U cereal mixed with Kashi 7-Grain Puffs in almond milk, with strawberries and blackberries on top, and Shakeology with chia seeds. I was super full...not even hungry for another 5 hours or so. haha. Work went well, but I hate working Sundays. It's usually the rudest people that are out :(. I had a Chobani around 1, and then had lunch around 3:30--a tofurkey sandwich with an apple and some pretzels. After work, I went home, then ate way too much Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread with Almond Espresso Butter. haha. For dinner, I had a HUGE salad, with a crumbled black bean burger, tons of veggies, and some berries mixed in as well. I was so full! Later that night, my parents brought home cake from the best bakery, naturally I had to have a piece. And theeeen, I had my nut butter on toast before bed. Hey, I'm carbo-loading for the marathon, give me a break.

Monday, I went to the gym before work, and it wasn't the best gym session I've had. For some reason, my bum was more sore than usual--not sure why! I did 90 minutes of cardio, but at a lower intensity. I then did 3 circuits of strength training afterward. After I stretched it out and everything, it felt better, but...I've had better days, I guess?

I worked from 2 to 10, and it wasn't too bad. I went to the chiropractor on my break, and he says that I'm progressing really well, and the marathon shouldn't be a problem! So happy to keep getting this good news. Meals were pretty standard--only deviation was a Cedarlane egg white omelet for dinner with an orange. So good.

Today, I worked from 10-5. It's so nice to have a morning shift. haha. I took another rest day, so I had my usual cereal breakfast. I had an Apple Cinnamon Chobani around 12:30, then I ate my lunch around 2:30 (tofurkey sandwich and an apple). I went to the store after work, and I grabbed a bunch of berries--LOVE this season. Watermelon season is soooo sooon :)))). I also bought Burgatory for dinner. Sooooooo worth it. Their veggie burger is out of this world. I subbed a side salad instead of the chips. I also ate a bunch of veggies/jicama dipped in ricotta cheese. Random, I know.

I watched some playoff hockey (Devils v Flyers)--nothing beats playoff hockey, Man. I also bought some tennis balls, because I wanted to see if I could loosen some muscles in my glutes/butt. SUCH a great idea. I feel so much better! Who knew the best relief could come from a $1 purcase? haha. I also bought a pretty UA tank, but disregard that ;).

I also caught up with "Girls" and "Mad Men." I swear, I NEVER watch TV shows live anymore. Gotta catch up with "Game of Thrones," and I'll be all set!

When I'm done icing my butt, it's off to bed I go! Tomorrow's plans include an AM workout, work from 2-10, and a chiropractor visit on my lunch break.

Marathon is in 5 sleeps. Crazy exciting! After marathon training, I need to find something else to occupy my time. haha. I think I'm going to focus on toning/strength a little more. I'm also planning on doing some charity-related running things. Nothing big, after the marathon. I'm not going to run another longer race until September (Montour Trail 1/2 Marathon--a good one to PR in. haha).

Hope you're all enjoying the May weather!