Friday, May 4, 2012

What a day! Today alone would comprise an entire post, but I'm going to try to condense it into one post.

I went to the gym before work on Wednesday, so I ate my usual Shakeology and Clif Bar. Gym workout was fine--nothing special, but it wasn't bad. I went to the chiro at 4, and everything is progressing smoothly! No meal was out of the ordinary--I had an egg white Cedarlane omelet. Soooooo goooood for a frozen omelet.

I came home from work at 10ish and watched OT hockey until 12:30 AM. Best decision ever. Mom made brownies...worst decision ever. haha

Yesterday, I worked early, so I took a rest day. I had the usual rest day breakfast of mixed cereal with fruit and Shakeology. Nothing out of the ordinary yesterday. I had Oikos vanilla frozen yogurt. Oh. My. God. Soooooo good. I had it with some of my mom's brownies. Even betterrrrr. For dinner, I had a big ass salad with mozzarella, broccoli, a black bean burger, some leftover rice my mom made the night before, and some homemade Greek dressing. Sooooo good.
I started watching this show from HBO called "Enlightened." Laura Dern is FANTASTIC in it.  That's been taking up some of my time. Today, I went to the gym for my final workout before the marathon! I did an easyish 70-minute cardio session, then followed up with three circuits of strength training. Wasn't too tired afterward, but I'm not supposed to be! Went to the chiropractor, and he said that I should be good to go on Sunday! I was pretty sure he'd say it, but it was still exciting to hear :). He even did an excited dance for me. A bit awkward, but precious. After the chiropractor, I mailed some stuff to my sister (Kodiak Cakes!), bought a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Walnut bread at Loafers, and was off to the Expo!
So much going on there. I went to  pick up my bib, shirt, and bag first. I'll spare you the boring details of the bag content, but the highlights of the bag were definitely some Dole yogurt-covered apple chunks and a NuGo bar. haha. The shirts this year are white (I'm sloppy, so this doesn't bode well for me). It's still pretty, though! I also bought two new shirts from the Dick's booth--both Asics shirts. One was an aqua women's shirt that says "RUN 26.2" and the other was a men's that said "Run this City." I really wanted the men's one, but they didn't have it in a women's size--it'll be a little big, oh well!
 The aqua one I bought!
I also bought a "RUN PGH" cotton tee from Factory Fresh--love the soft feel of their shirts!

Elite Runners and Walkers also had a booth, and they had a big sale on everything. I bought enough gels/chews/bars to last me a lifetime. I also bought a pair of Saucony Progrid Omni 10s, because I've never seen them that cheap!

I MET MEB KEFLEZIGHI! He is precious and sweet and cute. Super nice. He signed my expo brochure and I got a precious picture with him. I look like I could eat him, he is so tiny < 3.  He wrote "To Kelly. Best wishes & run to win. Meb." I can assure you, Sir, I will not run to win, but I will run ;).

I ALSO MET BART YASSO! I had been done looking at all the booths (see: eating all of the protein bar samples in sight. Sorry, NuGo), but I waited around for Bart. I brought my copy of "My Life on the Run" for him to auto, because I'm a nerd like that. Nicest guy! He gave me some great advice. When I'm at mile 10, I should feel like I could run to NYC. Good to  know, Sir. He also told me not to jump the gun. That is advice I have taken to heart from the get-go, and it has ALWAYS benefited me! We talked about Pittsburgh traffic and the weather and to just finish--I will definitely PR :).

He auto'd my book with "Kelly, never limit where running can take you. Bart. Pittsburgh Marathon 2012!" I wonder if he can get me a job. hahaha. Seriously love that man. Jeff Galloway was there too! I didn't get a chance to see him, though :(. 

I met up with a friend that is doing the half, we chatted for a bit, then I was on my way. GORGEOUS day today in Pittsburgh--this whole weekend will be! So excited :).

For dinner, I had some veggie pizza. Not too bad!

Tomorrow, I'm volunteering at the Kid's 5K event. Have to get up at 4. Baaaah. Same time on Sunday too, but I'll be too excited to sleep, probably. haha.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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