Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Foodie Penpal!

So, it's been eons since I have last posted--I'm really going to make a concentrated effort to post more frequently!

If you're unfamiliar with "Foodie Penpals," here is the gist: She's the coordinator--the lovely Lindsay. Such a task, and she handles it so well!

Kym W. sent me a package this month, and I absolutely loved it! Thanks so much, Kim :).

First item I couldn't WAIT to try: SOYJOY bar. I've heard people rant and rave about these, so I had to try. She got me the pineapple flavor--can never go wrong with pineapple! The texture was totally not what I had in mind, but it was definitely a hearty bar and I liked the savory soy texture with the sweet pinapple chunks. I won't lie, it's no Clif Bar or Picky Bar, but it was pretty good!

Next up to try was the thing I was most anticipating: PEANUT BUTTER. But not just any peanut butter--peanut butter with flax seeds! I've had Teddie PB with flax seeds, but this PB had molasses in it, and I was interested to see how different the flavors would interact. Was NOT disappointed. So yummy--would definitely recommend! The flax seeds do not really disrupt the texture, so that's an added bonus.

 I have been dipping some of these pretzels into the PB as well. Don't judge me. haha. I love pretzels, and when the pretzels are made with whole grains, like quinoa and whole oats, it definitely makes me feel better about it! My favorite are probably the pretzels made with quinoa, but these ones were really good too! Pretzels=crack for me. Sad times.

 I'm a big fan of trail mix, but I ALWAYS go overboard with it. These nice little packets made it much easier to tone it down, and it definitely sustained me! I liked all of the different flavors from the seeds and fruit, and there was not much chocolate in it at all to overtake the mix. Very good for a snack!

I'm not a huge chip person, but sometimes I get in the mood for chips with salsa, ya know? Chips are pretty much the worst food you can eat, but you can definitely find healthy alternatives! Like this one! It is a multigrain chip, with ingredients like quinoa, brown rice,, sunflower seeds, etc. Pretty yummy, and not too salty, like many chips tend to be. I ate some by themselves, and I even put some as a salad topping to give it some texture. Highly recommend! I wanna try the sweet potato chips!

I'm not a big dairy person--the most dairy I'll eat in a typical day is my GNC Lean Protein Shake after a workout, some reduced fat swiss on my tofurkey sandwich, and greek yogurt, of course! I try to avoid actual milk when possible, because of ethical reasons, and what you hear can be in milk. Blegh. haha. I'm a BIG almond milk fan, and when I found this lovely number in my package, I was SUPER excited to try it! I actually had seen this flavor in the grocery store recently (I only drink unsweetened original--try to avoid extra calories/sugar, when I can), and I hadn't picked it up--it must have been fate :).

It was definitely good, but it didn't taste too different from the original almond milk. I dunno if I'd buy it in the future, but I might give it another go!

Once again, thank you to Kym W for the lovely package! Stay tuned for July's Foodie Penpal package at the end of the next month! Buuut, of course, I'm going to try to update much more frequently in between :).

Hope you're all enjoying the weather! I know I have been--running with more regularity now :). So happy about it.