Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Morning Workouts.

Where I left you all, I was about to go on a Sunday morning run! It was a rather enjoyable run--not worried about pace or anything. Too many freaking hills to worry about that. haha. I almost always see a horse on this route, and he/she was out Sunday morning--so cute :). To fuel for my early morning run, I drank my Shakeology (drink it EVERY morning!) and I had a Picky Bar (Clif Bars are too heavy if I run within an hour or less of eating one).

When I got home, I did some core strengthening. SERIOUSLY, do not underestimate the power of core strengthening. After that, I showered and got ready for work. I also refueled with a GNC Lean Shake and a coconut water!

Work was okay until about two hours until we closed. People have no courtesy! Or they can't read times. Either/or. I wanted to leave and celebrate my dad's birthday with him, but obviously people don't care. haha. Some drunk guy was carrying around an open bottle of Jim Beam with him. Highlight of the day right there.

Around 11:30, I ate an Apple Cinnamon Chobani.
Around 2:30, I ate a Clif Bar and an orange.
(Exciting, I know).

We got out of there around 6:30, and my dad and I went to my grandmother's for dinner. I brought a tofurkey sandwich with me, and enjoyed some of her eggplant parm, salad, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. So good!

I went for a long-ish walk afterward, because the weather was gorgeous, and I had been inside for most of the day.

For dessert, we had this eclair cake, which is out of this WORLD. I ate too much. I had a food baby :(.

Monday, I woke up, ate breakfast/preworkout fuel (Clif Bar + Shakeology), then headed to the gym. I did 4 miles of resistance cardio + 15ish minutes of total body strength training. I could lift heavier weights! It was awesome. Refueled with the usual coconut water and GNC Shake.

Walked to the chiropractor afterward, and he abused my back. Felt great. haha.

I worked from 1:30-10, and it was okay. Work is so mundane, I need a change of scenery :(. I had a tofurkey sandwich right before I started, along with a little frozen kefir.

For dinner, I had Amy's frozen spaghetti and vegetarian "meat"balls. Pretty good--like that they throw some veggies in there! I also had it with an orange.

Yesterday was one of those "I'm ravenous and I want to eat EVERYTHING" days. Hate those days. I listened to my body, though...for sure. haha.  By the way, those Jackie Warner "hunger curbing" bars don't stand a chance against women's hormones :(((((.

I had an apple around 7:30 and then an Apple Cinnamon Chobani around 8:30.

When I got home from work, I had some almond butter with strawberries and some whole grain pretzels. And a frozen dark chocolate banana. Whatever, don't judge me.

This morning, I had cereal with Shakeology. I work from 9-5, then I think I'm grocery shopping? The puppy needs food! I then think I'm going to run, because I do what I want. I hope it doesn't storm!

I'm OFF tomorrow. Feels like it's been forever since I've had a day off.

Remind me to fix my nails. They look like hell.

Welllll, time to get ready for work! Hope you're having a good week so far :).

(I will post more pictures. At some point. In my lifetime.)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Runs in the Sunset...Runset?

Three days in a row...I forgot how cathartic blogging can be! Even if my life is semi-boring. haha.

Soooooooo, I left off leaving for work yesterday, yes? Work was fine--it's never overly exciting, so let's just call a spade a spade :). My eats at work: 11 AM Chobani, 2 PM tofurkey sandwich with a couple spoonfuls of frozen kefir and a soyjoy (so random, I know).

 After work, I went to church with my dad. I had a couple pieces of leftover pizza beforehand. Not as good as fresh, but still good :). When I got home from church, I decided I wanted to go for a run, but I didn't want to do my usual neighborhood route, because my body was not up for all of those hills :(. I went another route, which turned out to be a good choice! I actually ran further than I had planned, but it was so gorgeous, that I couldn't help myself. I got to see the sun set over a meadow! Glad I went on that run :). Didn't get home til a little after 9, so I didn't eat an elaborate dinner...AKA, I had a Jackie Warner protein bar and nonfat chocolate milk. haha.

I also had another Soyjoy...they're so good, I couldn't help myself!

I didn't eat enough veggies or fruits yesterday. Shameful :(. I get enough nutrients, hugely in part to Shakeology, but still...it keeps me full, which helps on long days.

I went to bed around midnight, woke up at 6, and this is where I am right now! I plan on going for a run this morning before work. Sundays at work kinda suuuuck, so I need to be calm. I usually run after work during the summer, but it is Papa O's birthday, so some celebrating needs done!! haha. After work, I believe we are heading to my grandmother's house for some party tiiiime.

Random note, but I really need a haircut. Should probably do that soon.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Two posts in two days...clearly on a roll.

Somebody stop me! haha.

Yesterday was a good day, but it wasn't highly eventful. I worked from 9-5, then I went grocery shopping for some yummy eats, theeeeeeeen I came home, unpacked, and went running! I did 7 miles that went pretty well :). 

I definitely didn't go for time (if you saw how hilly my normal neighborhood run is, you wouldn't either. haha), but the hills on this run helped immensely with the hills during the Pittsburgh Marathon....AKA the hills in the marathon were pretty easy! I JUST missed the storm too, so that's a good thing. I wish I had brought my phone with me, because I ran past a cow farm, which is in a deep ravine, and the cows were actually at the top, by the road! They are very rarely up there, and they were so cute--a couple babies were there too :). The cool thing is that the sky looked so ominous in the background, but the cows were totally oblivious.  It would have been an awesome shot :(. Oh well!

When I got home, I had WAY too much pizza (but, it was from my favorite place, so whatever!), but I did core strengthening beforehand. After recovering from this bout of SI injury, I'm REALLY trying to focus on strength training/core strengthening in order to make my form as perfect as can be, to avoid future mishaps. My form has definitely improved, and I definitely feel stronger! DO NOT avoid core work--I promise you it's just as important as everyone says it is!

I watched "Girl with the Pearl Earring" last night. Kiiiind of a waste of time. haha. Oh well, I foam-rolled and stretched, so it wasn't totally :). I went to bed by 11:30 on a Friday night--a real rebel, I  know!

If anyone is interested in my daily eats, I ate a pineapple Chobani at approximately 11 AM, a tofurkey sandwich with a green apple at approximately 2:30, and a couple handful of pretzels around 5. Usual coconut water and GNC Lean Shake post-run (approximately 8:30), then 30958430985 pizza of pieces around 9:30.

Sooooooo, I woke up at 7:15 today, ate the same breakfast as yesterday, and I'm about to head to work again! 9-5, then we'll see where the evening takes me. I'll either run oooooooor...not? haha.

Tomorrow is Walter (my father)'s 63rd birthday. Oh boy, he's getting old. haha. Gotta get him something today!

Enjoy the day!

Friday, July 27, 2012

I lied.

I said I was going to post more frequently. I really am going to try now! haha.

So, I've been able to run more frequently now, and it's awesome. I think I'm taking it too far, though, because I haven't had a exercise rest day in almost 2 months! However, it's a huge stress reliever for me, and there's definitely been a lot of stress in my life the past few months. I'm starting to get things together, though, so I need to give my body a break! haha. I definitely have lost weight since the marathon, though, and I have been getting more toned, so it's awesome :).

I haven't run anything longer than 9.5 miles since the marathon, and I don't plan to until my body is absolutely healed. If I don't take rest days, that's not happening, sooooo. Yeah.
However, I have had some breakthroughs in training:

1. I can chest press 200 pounds! My arms are definitely the strongest they have ever been, so that's awesome.

2. I can leg press 225 pounds with ease, and that's after running 7.5 miles in the blistering heat. Want to be able to press 300 pounds by the end of the summer.

3. I can hold a 3-minute plank! Haven't done it in a while, because I usually do it after I run, so my body is either tired oooor I'm pressed for time. 5-minute plank will happen at some point :).

4. Just overall more strength. All of the strength and core training I'm doing is helping immensely with running, especially form.

Some things I need to work on:

1. REST DAYS. To reiterate to my dumb brain. Or at least a significant reduction in intensity two days a week. Take a freaking walk, Kelly--you don't need to pound out miles everyday, while your body is still recovering.

2. Eat to fuel. I'm usually good about this, but sometimes I lose touch with it, and I pay for it during a run. haha. I need to eat fewer sugary foods too. I think it's hindering my way to a "flatter" tummy (AKA the closest I'll ever get to one. haha).

3. Stop eating two hours before bed. Doesn't work well when you're trying to sleep. Ick.

4. Recovery. I have been slacking with stretching and foam rolling. BAD. I need to either change the time I work out or start earlier, so I'm not rushing.

In non-related exercise things, this is what's happening:

1. MY SISTER IS MOVING BACK HOME!!!! AND WE'RE GETTING A PLACE TOGETHER!!!! She'll be here at the beginning of October, so we're looking for places now. I'm super excited for this, because I need to be more independent :).

2. I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!! I talked to Pitt yesterday, and I'm meeting with my old advisor to hopefully schedule classes. I really want to become a nutritionist, and it's not going to just happen, obviously--I need to make it happen. This is also good, because I won't have to pay ridiculous school loans for a while, aaaand I'll have health insurance. haha. I'm going to obviously be super busy, because I'll have to basically work full-time at the same time in order to afford rent, schoolbooks, and necessities, but it'll be worth it.

3. That being said, I'm also looking for another job. Not that it will be eons better than the one I currently have, but I need a change--hopefully with a little more money? haha. Plus, I'm sick of the bullshit at my current place of employment. Need a change of scenery, and hopefully that helps.

A lot of changes coming my way these next few months, but I need it. I'm sick of being in this hole, and the only way you get out of it is to dig yourself out of it...not will yourself to dig yourself out of it. Know what I mean, Billie Jean? As I said before, I will be a borderline hermit (all of the work + school, plus when marathon training starts? YIKES), but I need to do this for me. And for my future life (with Anthony Kiedis, of course).

Sooooooooo, back to drab daily activities. haha.

Set my alarm for 5:45 this morning to get up and run. Alarm went off, and I listened to my body, which said "Kelly, you ran 7.5 miles yesterday, walked around a shit ton, AND did a ton of strength training yesterday...and you're sore. Take a load off." So, I did. Woke up at 7:15 instead :).


Usual Shakeology, with Kashi 7 Grain Puffs with some chopped walnuts and blueberries in unsweetened almond milk. Very satisfying :).

Today, I work 9-5, then I'm going grocery shopping. I MAY work out afterward, but we'll see how my body feels. I think at the very least, I'll go for a little walk...maybe with my little man (puppy. Don't worry, not a baby. haha).

Crazy Friday night, I know!

This weekend will be filled with work and...work :(. It's also my Dad's 63rd birthday. What an old fogey.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What I love, A-Z!

Stole this from GoTheXtraMile: http://www.gothextramileblog.com/2012/07/07/a-z/

Here we go!

A: Almond Butter. SO. Good. Always.

B: Berries. I eat them all summer loooong!

C: Chemistry. I am a nerd. I like science. haha.

D: David Grohl. Does anything else need said? (Nope.)

E: Elephants. My favorite animals!

F: Foo Fighters! < 333.

G: Ginger...a very underestimated flavor < 3. and hair color. hahaha.

H: HOCKEY. Best sport ever.

I: Ireland. I want to go there someday. So gorgeous.

J: Jarrett, my older broski. One of my major inspirations to become a runner!

K: Kid Cudi. I have a crush on him. haha.

L: LARABARS! < 333.

M: Molly, my sister...my bestest friend in the entire world.

N: Nike. Just do it, guys.

O: Ozzie, my poopy puppy.

P: Planks. Love em, but I hate em.

Q: Queen is still such a good band, Man. Freddie's voice is still one of the best to ever exist.

R: RUNNING!!!!!!

S: Saucony. Favorite running shoe!

T: Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Favorite horror movie.

U: US History. LOVE it.

V: Victoria's Secret. Super-obsessed.


X: Xylophones...or any percussion, really. They're the most fun recitals to watch.

Y: Yams. Love 'em.

Z: ZEPPELIN. Could not live my life without some Robert, Jimmy, JPJ, and Bonzo!

Now, you guys do it! Time for me to clean my bathroom. Goooood times. haha