Saturday, July 7, 2012

What I love, A-Z!

Stole this from GoTheXtraMile:

Here we go!

A: Almond Butter. SO. Good. Always.

B: Berries. I eat them all summer loooong!

C: Chemistry. I am a nerd. I like science. haha.

D: David Grohl. Does anything else need said? (Nope.)

E: Elephants. My favorite animals!

F: Foo Fighters! < 333.

G: Ginger...a very underestimated flavor < 3. and hair color. hahaha.

H: HOCKEY. Best sport ever.

I: Ireland. I want to go there someday. So gorgeous.

J: Jarrett, my older broski. One of my major inspirations to become a runner!

K: Kid Cudi. I have a crush on him. haha.

L: LARABARS! < 333.

M: Molly, my bestest friend in the entire world.

N: Nike. Just do it, guys.

O: Ozzie, my poopy puppy.

P: Planks. Love em, but I hate em.

Q: Queen is still such a good band, Man. Freddie's voice is still one of the best to ever exist.

R: RUNNING!!!!!!

S: Saucony. Favorite running shoe!

T: Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Favorite horror movie.

U: US History. LOVE it.

V: Victoria's Secret. Super-obsessed.


X: Xylophones...or any percussion, really. They're the most fun recitals to watch.

Y: Yams. Love 'em.

Z: ZEPPELIN. Could not live my life without some Robert, Jimmy, JPJ, and Bonzo!

Now, you guys do it! Time for me to clean my bathroom. Goooood times. haha

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