Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Come what...May....

I can't believe it's May already!

I worked all weekend, so it was nothing special. I went to the gym on Saturday, and it went pretty well. Did 90 minutes of cardio at a pretty high intensity, then three circuits of upper-body strength training. I worked from 1 to 10, and it wasn't anything too exciting. My eating schedule was pretty normal for a closing workday--Clif Bar + Shakeology for breakfast/pre-workout meal, GNC Lean Shake + coconut water for post workout snack, I think I ate a bunch of berries before going to work, tofurkey sandwich for lunch, a salad and an orange for dinner, Chobani + apple for a snack, then I came home and had my usual nut butter on Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast.

Sunday, I took a rest day. I had Kashi U cereal mixed with Kashi 7-Grain Puffs in almond milk, with strawberries and blackberries on top, and Shakeology with chia seeds. I was super full...not even hungry for another 5 hours or so. haha. Work went well, but I hate working Sundays. It's usually the rudest people that are out :(. I had a Chobani around 1, and then had lunch around 3:30--a tofurkey sandwich with an apple and some pretzels. After work, I went home, then ate way too much Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread with Almond Espresso Butter. haha. For dinner, I had a HUGE salad, with a crumbled black bean burger, tons of veggies, and some berries mixed in as well. I was so full! Later that night, my parents brought home cake from the best bakery ever...so, naturally I had to have a piece. And theeeen, I had my nut butter on toast before bed. Hey, I'm carbo-loading for the marathon, give me a break.

Monday, I went to the gym before work, and it wasn't the best gym session I've had. For some reason, my bum was more sore than usual--not sure why! I did 90 minutes of cardio, but at a lower intensity. I then did 3 circuits of strength training afterward. After I stretched it out and everything, it felt better, but...I've had better days, I guess?

I worked from 2 to 10, and it wasn't too bad. I went to the chiropractor on my break, and he says that I'm progressing really well, and the marathon shouldn't be a problem! So happy to keep getting this good news. Meals were pretty standard--only deviation was a Cedarlane egg white omelet for dinner with an orange. So good.

Today, I worked from 10-5. It's so nice to have a morning shift. haha. I took another rest day, so I had my usual cereal breakfast. I had an Apple Cinnamon Chobani around 12:30, then I ate my lunch around 2:30 (tofurkey sandwich and an apple). I went to the store after work, and I grabbed a bunch of berries--LOVE this season. Watermelon season is soooo sooon :)))). I also bought Burgatory for dinner. Sooooooo worth it. Their veggie burger is out of this world. I subbed a side salad instead of the chips. I also ate a bunch of veggies/jicama dipped in ricotta cheese. Random, I know.

I watched some playoff hockey (Devils v Flyers)--nothing beats playoff hockey, Man. I also bought some tennis balls, because I wanted to see if I could loosen some muscles in my glutes/butt. SUCH a great idea. I feel so much better! Who knew the best relief could come from a $1 purcase? haha. I also bought a pretty UA tank, but disregard that ;).

I also caught up with "Girls" and "Mad Men." I swear, I NEVER watch TV shows live anymore. Gotta catch up with "Game of Thrones," and I'll be all set!

When I'm done icing my butt, it's off to bed I go! Tomorrow's plans include an AM workout, work from 2-10, and a chiropractor visit on my lunch break.

Marathon is in 5 sleeps. Crazy exciting! After marathon training, I need to find something else to occupy my time. haha. I think I'm going to focus on toning/strength a little more. I'm also planning on doing some charity-related running things. Nothing big, after the marathon. I'm not going to run another longer race until September (Montour Trail 1/2 Marathon--a good one to PR in. haha).

Hope you're all enjoying the May weather!

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