Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Diggity.

Am I listening to this song right now? Absolutely.

Do I regret it at all? Absolutely....


So, to summarize since last post:

*My sister has been home and spending time with her has been amazing :).

*Nothing gives me a rush quite like attending an exciting hockey game...except for running. And Jimmy Page...but we won't get into that.

I went to the gym yesterday morning with my sister and I did 3 miles on the tready (kinda a tempo run) by myself, then I did 1.5 on the total body trainer, and 1 on the arc trainer with Molly. It's amazing how much less gross you are when you wear a moisture-wicking shirt. Surprise! We laughed and talked a lot, and it was fun :). I also did a couple circuits of strength training.

Afterward, we stopped at the drug store, and I bought Essie nail polish that I didn't need. "Merino Cool." Look it up. Super Pretty. I also bought "Russian Navy" by OPI at the grocery store the other day. Another superfluous purchase. I'm super good at those.

I got ready and then went to the Pens final regular season game. SUCH a fun time. It was an exciting game, and it already felt like the playoffs! I had so much fun.

Afterward, I played Dora the Explorer, trying to find the Church Brew Works from the arena. Once I walked like 480594 blocks, I sat at the bar, because my friend was tending. I waited for my sister and our mutual friends. I had never eaten there before, and ordered the vegetarian polenta.

So. Good. Oh my God. It had goat cheese and roasted tomatoes with it. I would DEFINITELY recommend it. My sister and I also shared an order of "Untraditional Perogies," which had seasonal veggies and goat cheese in them (apparently, goat cheese is a big deal). Really good too! My sister got the Mediterranean salad, but didn't finish it...yeah, you bet your ass I didn't let that go to waste. My stomach ALWAYS has extra room. haha. We spent the rest of the night being complete goofballs and I loved every minute of it. My sister leaves tomorrow, and I don't wanna let her goooooooo :(.
I woke up this morning, had Kellog's Total Protein + Kashi Whole Grain Puffs, almonds, banana, almond milk, chia seeds, and Shakeology....and a piece of Bubba's walnut bread, because it's absolutely AMAZING (it's unbleached and umbrominated whole wheat, which means it's absolutely super healthy for you. Duh.).

I went to church with padre, then came home and figured out my work schedule so that I can attend the first two home games. Sooooooooo, it looks like I'm working from 9 AM tomorrow morning until 10 PM at night. Tomorrow's gonna suck. haha. But, Wednesday and Friday will be totally worth it. It also means I get THREE days off this week. Holla. I just gotta keep telling myself that tomorrow. Yep.

After I figured out all of that, I went for a run. It was cloudy and windy, but I enjoyed it. I covered 9.5 miles, and then sun came out at 9.4. Thanks a lot. haha. I tried my new shoes and they were awesome! It's the same model that I've always used, just a different color. They're sweet. Yup.

We're going to my grandma's for Easter dinner, then I think I gotta come home and do laundry. Buuuuuuuut, then it's Game of Thrones and Mad Men time!

Molly leaves tomorrow, and I won't get to see her off, because I will be at work all day. POOH.

Just means I gotta visit her this summer ;). I could totally be a Georgia Peach. Totally.

Workout schedule this week:

Sunday: 9.5 mile (done)
Monday: rest (I will be on my feet for 13 hours. That is enough of a workout for me, thank you.)
Tuesday: AM gym for cardio/strength
Wednesday: AM run
Thursday: rest
Friday: long run (20 miles)
Saturday: either rest or AM gym session. We shall see how I feel. haha

Gotta shower, because I'm smelly. Byeeeeeeeeeee.

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