Sunday, April 8, 2012

I ate a sweet!

For the first time in 40 days, I ate a sweet...actually, who am I kidding? I ate a couple. And each one was SO worth it.

At my grandma's, I packed a tofurkey sandwich (wanted to make sure I refueled properly from my run!)

Yeah, I didn't wash my hair after my run. I also have no shame.

At dinner, I ate some asparagus, eggplant parmigiana, homemade hummus with pita (SO GOOD), stuffed artichokes, and some salad.

Afterward, I hung out with my sister and Cassandra came over. We talked a bunch and played Scrabble with my little cousin. I really love that game.

For dessert, I had three pieces of walnut bread (do not even BEGIN to judge me--I needed my Omega 3s), and a piece of cheesecake. Oh maaaan, that cheesecake was good. My grandmother is so good to me. haha.

I also had some peanut M&Ms when I came home. I think it kinda shocked my body, because my tummy wasn't feeling the greatest afterward. I'm gonna take it easy with sweets until after the marathon. Furreal. Good thing peanut butter isn't a sweet...because I'd have to go apeshit on someone.

Tomorrow, I work 9 AM to 10 PM. Yeeeeeeeeeah. It's not gonna be pretty, but like I said, it'll be worth it on Wednesday and Friday :).

Bed time soon! Long day tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

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