Saturday, April 21, 2012

Awkward Tan Lines.

Soooooooo, let's see...

I woke up on Friday morning, and my butt felt pretty okay. I took (probably too many) Advil, ate my usual pre-run breakfast of a Clif Bar and Shakeology with chia seeds, did my dynamic stretching, and headed on my way.

It was already warm, and my stride was fairly uncomfortable from the get-go. My chiropractor said that I could run, but I probably(/definitely) took it to extremes. The hills were the easiest (yeah, I said it), the flats were fairly uncomfortable, and the downhills were pretty terrible. My breathing was fine, and I could have definitely gone longer, had this nagging pain not been around. I stopped at mile 15 (...yep. ONE pooping mile short), because  the pain was pretty unbearable. I was having stomach issues too--I think it was due to dehydration. I didn't take any GUs, because I didn't want the tummy issues to escalate any further, and it's not like I was blazing through my miles. haha. I was going way slower than usual, but I did 15, and that's all that matters. I got major sun too. I came home, limped to the refrigerator, drank 4584805 gallons of water, ate some berries (KILL those free radicals!), drank my GNC Lean Shake, and showered/got ready for the Pens game! I iced my butt, and it helped a little, but not much.

I'm officially on taper time!

At the chiropractor's office, he spent a little extra time with me. He said I'll definitely be sore, but my condition isn't any worse than it was. THANK GOD. He also said I'm still on track to run the marathon on May 6! He put me on this electrical muscle stimulation machine, where he literally placed nodes on my butt. haha. It was weird, but I'll do anything at this point to recover!

On the way to the game, I took an Aleve with my tofurkey sandwich. Totally necessary. haha. I also drank a bottle of water, because I still felt super dehydrated. When I peed, it was the color of apple juice. Definitely not okay. haha.

The Penguins game was AMAZING. AMAZING. The crowd was crazy, and the Pens definitely fed off of it. I'm REALLY hoping for a Game 7! I can't watch Game 6 (I work :[), but I believe in those boys < 333. The limping walk home was totally worth it. haha. I snacked on a pineapple Chobani during the first intermission and an apple during the second intermission. I also drank another bottle of water and had a coconut water as well. Gotta replenish those electrolytes!

I got home around 11:45, ate my almond sunflower butter with another new PB flavor I received--peanut butter pretzel. Oh my gosh, so good. I caught up on e-mails and didn't go to sleep until near 1:30. I was super tired. haha

I woke up this morning feeling SO sore. It's been a while since I've been this sore. Yikes. I got ready to pick up my Team Lemieux marathon packet, while eating my breakfast of Shakeology and cereal with TONS of fruit :).

I JUST missed the event, so I have to pick up my packet sometime this week :(. I went to Target, and tried on a bunch of clothes. I really this shirt that I bought--only $18!

I also bought two tanks that are kinda colorblocks--a gray/yellow one and a red/maroonish one, and I bought a black maxi dress with tan stripes on the bottom--so cute!

After that, we went to Loafer's, because I heard they were having an Orange Chocolate Chip loaf on special today. SO.WORTH.IT. I also bought their Almond Butter, because it is quite frankly the best almond butter I have ever tasted...and there's only one ingredient. So good.

Finally, I went grocery shipping and bought a TON of stuff. Mostly veggies, soy, greek yogurt, and my Ezekiel Bread. Nothing really special today.

I came home, ate a piece of my bread (once again...SO WORTH IT), and then made my lunch: a tofurkey sandwich with some avocado on it. I also snacked on an apple a little while later, while catching up on e-mails and such.

I've been icing and stretching and all of that hulabaloo. It's better now than it was this morning. I'm hoping it's much better by Monday, because I want to do some cardio + strength training before work. I'm definitely going to minimize the amount of running I do in the next two weeks, to optimize the healing time of my SI joint. If I have to do my "long run" of 8 miles this week on the arc/total body trainers, I will most definitely do, I'll get some strength training done in the process!

Not much going on tonight--just gonna sit at home and rest. Tomorrow, I work, and then I'm heading to my grandmother's to celebrate my cousin's birthday. Monday, I'm hoping for an AM gym session then I work, then Tuesday, I'm hoping for some gym time and hopefully a Pens Game 7?!

Alright, I've babbled enough. I'm outta here! Enjoy the weekend, even if the weather is yucky. haha

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